Al-An'am( الأنعام)
Original,King Fahad Quran Complex(الأصلي,مجمع الملك فهد القرآن)
Unknown,Sahih International(un bekend,Sahih International)
بِسمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحمٰنِ الرَّحيمِ الحَمدُ لِلَّهِ الَّذى خَلَقَ السَّمٰوٰتِ وَالأَرضَ وَجَعَلَ الظُّلُمٰتِ وَالنّورَ ۖ ثُمَّ الَّذينَ كَفَروا بِرَبِّهِم يَعدِلونَ(1)
[All] praise is [due] to Allah, who created the heavens and the earth and made the darkness and the light. Then those who disbelieve equate [others] with their Lord.(1)
هُوَ الَّذى خَلَقَكُم مِن طينٍ ثُمَّ قَضىٰ أَجَلًا ۖ وَأَجَلٌ مُسَمًّى عِندَهُ ۖ ثُمَّ أَنتُم تَمتَرونَ(2)
It is He who created you from clay and then decreed a term and a specified time [known] to Him; then [still] you are in dispute.(2)
وَهُوَ اللَّهُ فِى السَّمٰوٰتِ وَفِى الأَرضِ ۖ يَعلَمُ سِرَّكُم وَجَهرَكُم وَيَعلَمُ ما تَكسِبونَ(3)
And He is Allah, [the only deity] in the heavens and the earth. He knows your secret and what you make public, and He knows that which you earn.(3)
وَما تَأتيهِم مِن ءايَةٍ مِن ءايٰتِ رَبِّهِم إِلّا كانوا عَنها مُعرِضينَ(4)
And no sign comes to them from the signs of their Lord except that they turn away therefrom.(4)
فَقَد كَذَّبوا بِالحَقِّ لَمّا جاءَهُم ۖ فَسَوفَ يَأتيهِم أَنبٰؤُا۟ ما كانوا بِهِ يَستَهزِءونَ(5)
For they had denied the truth when it came to them, but there is going to reach them the news of what they used to ridicule.(5)
أَلَم يَرَوا كَم أَهلَكنا مِن قَبلِهِم مِن قَرنٍ مَكَّنّٰهُم فِى الأَرضِ ما لَم نُمَكِّن لَكُم وَأَرسَلنَا السَّماءَ عَلَيهِم مِدرارًا وَجَعَلنَا الأَنهٰرَ تَجرى مِن تَحتِهِم فَأَهلَكنٰهُم بِذُنوبِهِم وَأَنشَأنا مِن بَعدِهِم قَرنًا ءاخَرينَ(6)
Have they not seen how many generations We destroyed before them which We had established upon the earth as We have not established you? And We sent [rain from] the sky upon them in showers and made rivers flow beneath them; then We destroyed them for their sins and brought forth after them a generation of others.(6)
وَلَو نَزَّلنا عَلَيكَ كِتٰبًا فى قِرطاسٍ فَلَمَسوهُ بِأَيديهِم لَقالَ الَّذينَ كَفَروا إِن هٰذا إِلّا سِحرٌ مُبينٌ(7)
And even if We had sent down to you, [O Muhammad], a written scripture on a page and they touched it with their hands, the disbelievers would say, "This is not but obvious magic."(7)
وَقالوا لَولا أُنزِلَ عَلَيهِ مَلَكٌ ۖ وَلَو أَنزَلنا مَلَكًا لَقُضِىَ الأَمرُ ثُمَّ لا يُنظَرونَ(8)
And they say, "Why was there not sent down to him an angel?" But if We had sent down an angel, the matter would have been decided; then they would not be reprieved.(8)
وَلَو جَعَلنٰهُ مَلَكًا لَجَعَلنٰهُ رَجُلًا وَلَلَبَسنا عَلَيهِم ما يَلبِسونَ(9)
And if We had made him an angel, We would have made him [appear as] a man, and We would have covered them with that in which they cover themselves.(9)
وَلَقَدِ استُهزِئَ بِرُسُلٍ مِن قَبلِكَ فَحاقَ بِالَّذينَ سَخِروا مِنهُم ما كانوا بِهِ يَستَهزِءونَ(10)
And already were messengers ridiculed before you, but those who mocked them were enveloped by that which they used to ridicule.(10)
قُل سيروا فِى الأَرضِ ثُمَّ انظُروا كَيفَ كانَ عٰقِبَةُ المُكَذِّبينَ(11)
Say, "Travel through the land; then observe how was the end of the deniers."(11)
قُل لِمَن ما فِى السَّمٰوٰتِ وَالأَرضِ ۖ قُل لِلَّهِ ۚ كَتَبَ عَلىٰ نَفسِهِ الرَّحمَةَ ۚ لَيَجمَعَنَّكُم إِلىٰ يَومِ القِيٰمَةِ لا رَيبَ فيهِ ۚ الَّذينَ خَسِروا أَنفُسَهُم فَهُم لا يُؤمِنونَ(12)
Say, "To whom belongs whatever is in the heavens and earth?" Say, "To Allah." He has decreed upon Himself mercy. He will surely assemble you for the Day of Resurrection, about which there is no doubt. Those who will lose themselves [that Day] do not believe.(12)
۞ وَلَهُ ما سَكَنَ فِى الَّيلِ وَالنَّهارِ ۚ وَهُوَ السَّميعُ العَليمُ(13)
And to Him belongs that which reposes by night and by day, and He is the Hearing, the Knowing.(13)
قُل أَغَيرَ اللَّهِ أَتَّخِذُ وَلِيًّا فاطِرِ السَّمٰوٰتِ وَالأَرضِ وَهُوَ يُطعِمُ وَلا يُطعَمُ ۗ قُل إِنّى أُمِرتُ أَن أَكونَ أَوَّلَ مَن أَسلَمَ ۖ وَلا تَكونَنَّ مِنَ المُشرِكينَ(14)
Say, "Is it other than Allah I should take as a protector, Creator of the heavens and the earth, while it is He who feeds and is not fed?" Say, [O Muhammad], "Indeed, I have been commanded to be the first [among you] who submit [to Allah] and [was commanded], 'Do not ever be of the polytheists.' "(14)
قُل إِنّى أَخافُ إِن عَصَيتُ رَبّى عَذابَ يَومٍ عَظيمٍ(15)
Say, "Indeed I fear, if I should disobey my Lord, the punishment of a tremendous Day."(15)
مَن يُصرَف عَنهُ يَومَئِذٍ فَقَد رَحِمَهُ ۚ وَذٰلِكَ الفَوزُ المُبينُ(16)
He from whom it is averted that Day - [Allah] has granted him mercy. And that is the clear attainment.(16)
وَإِن يَمسَسكَ اللَّهُ بِضُرٍّ فَلا كاشِفَ لَهُ إِلّا هُوَ ۖ وَإِن يَمسَسكَ بِخَيرٍ فَهُوَ عَلىٰ كُلِّ شَيءٍ قَديرٌ(17)
And if Allah should touch you with adversity, there is no remover of it except Him. And if He touches you with good - then He is over all things competent.(17)
وَهُوَ القاهِرُ فَوقَ عِبادِهِ ۚ وَهُوَ الحَكيمُ الخَبيرُ(18)
And He is the subjugator over His servants. And He is the Wise, the Acquainted [with all].(18)
قُل أَىُّ شَيءٍ أَكبَرُ شَهٰدَةً ۖ قُلِ اللَّهُ ۖ شَهيدٌ بَينى وَبَينَكُم ۚ وَأوحِىَ إِلَىَّ هٰذَا القُرءانُ لِأُنذِرَكُم بِهِ وَمَن بَلَغَ ۚ أَئِنَّكُم لَتَشهَدونَ أَنَّ مَعَ اللَّهِ ءالِهَةً أُخرىٰ ۚ قُل لا أَشهَدُ ۚ قُل إِنَّما هُوَ إِلٰهٌ وٰحِدٌ وَإِنَّنى بَريءٌ مِمّا تُشرِكونَ(19)
Say, "What thing is greatest in testimony?" Say, "Allah is witness between me and you. And this Qur'an was revealed to me that I may warn you thereby and whomever it reaches. Do you [truly] testify that with Allah there are other deities?" Say, "I will not testify [with you]." Say, "Indeed, He is but one God, and indeed, I am free of what you associate [with Him]."(19)
الَّذينَ ءاتَينٰهُمُ الكِتٰبَ يَعرِفونَهُ كَما يَعرِفونَ أَبناءَهُمُ ۘ الَّذينَ خَسِروا أَنفُسَهُم فَهُم لا يُؤمِنونَ(20)
Those to whom We have given the Scripture recognize it as they recognize their [own] sons. Those who will lose themselves [in the Hereafter] do not believe.(20)
وَمَن أَظلَمُ مِمَّنِ افتَرىٰ عَلَى اللَّهِ كَذِبًا أَو كَذَّبَ بِـٔايٰتِهِ ۗ إِنَّهُ لا يُفلِحُ الظّٰلِمونَ(21)
And who is more unjust than one who invents about Allah a lie or denies His verses? Indeed, the wrongdoers will not succeed.(21)
وَيَومَ نَحشُرُهُم جَميعًا ثُمَّ نَقولُ لِلَّذينَ أَشرَكوا أَينَ شُرَكاؤُكُمُ الَّذينَ كُنتُم تَزعُمونَ(22)
And [mention, O Muhammad], the Day We will gather them all together; then We will say to those who associated others with Allah, "Where are your 'partners' that you used to claim [with Him]?"(22)
ثُمَّ لَم تَكُن فِتنَتُهُم إِلّا أَن قالوا وَاللَّهِ رَبِّنا ما كُنّا مُشرِكينَ(23)
Then there will be no [excuse upon] examination except they will say, "By Allah, our Lord, we were not those who associated."(23)
انظُر كَيفَ كَذَبوا عَلىٰ أَنفُسِهِم ۚ وَضَلَّ عَنهُم ما كانوا يَفتَرونَ(24)
See how they will lie about themselves. And lost from them will be what they used to invent.(24)
وَمِنهُم مَن يَستَمِعُ إِلَيكَ ۖ وَجَعَلنا عَلىٰ قُلوبِهِم أَكِنَّةً أَن يَفقَهوهُ وَفى ءاذانِهِم وَقرًا ۚ وَإِن يَرَوا كُلَّ ءايَةٍ لا يُؤمِنوا بِها ۚ حَتّىٰ إِذا جاءوكَ يُجٰدِلونَكَ يَقولُ الَّذينَ كَفَروا إِن هٰذا إِلّا أَسٰطيرُ الأَوَّلينَ(25)
And among them are those who listen to you, but We have placed over their hearts coverings, lest they understand it, and in their ears deafness. And if they should see every sign, they will not believe in it. Even when they come to you arguing with you, those who disbelieve say, "This is not but legends of the former peoples."(25)
وَهُم يَنهَونَ عَنهُ وَيَنـَٔونَ عَنهُ ۖ وَإِن يُهلِكونَ إِلّا أَنفُسَهُم وَما يَشعُرونَ(26)
And they prevent [others] from him and are [themselves] remote from him. And they do not destroy except themselves, but they perceive [it] not.(26)
وَلَو تَرىٰ إِذ وُقِفوا عَلَى النّارِ فَقالوا يٰلَيتَنا نُرَدُّ وَلا نُكَذِّبَ بِـٔايٰتِ رَبِّنا وَنَكونَ مِنَ المُؤمِنينَ(27)
If you could but see when they are made to stand before the Fire and will say, "Oh, would that we could be returned [to life on earth] and not deny the signs of our Lord and be among the believers."(27)
بَل بَدا لَهُم ما كانوا يُخفونَ مِن قَبلُ ۖ وَلَو رُدّوا لَعادوا لِما نُهوا عَنهُ وَإِنَّهُم لَكٰذِبونَ(28)
But what they concealed before has [now] appeared to them. And even if they were returned, they would return to that which they were forbidden; and indeed, they are liars.(28)
وَقالوا إِن هِىَ إِلّا حَياتُنَا الدُّنيا وَما نَحنُ بِمَبعوثينَ(29)
And they say, "There is none but our worldly life, and we will not be resurrected."(29)
وَلَو تَرىٰ إِذ وُقِفوا عَلىٰ رَبِّهِم ۚ قالَ أَلَيسَ هٰذا بِالحَقِّ ۚ قالوا بَلىٰ وَرَبِّنا ۚ قالَ فَذوقُوا العَذابَ بِما كُنتُم تَكفُرونَ(30)
If you could but see when they will be made to stand before their Lord. He will say, "Is this not the truth?" They will say, "Yes, by our Lord." He will [then] say, "So taste the punishment because you used to disbelieve."(30)
قَد خَسِرَ الَّذينَ كَذَّبوا بِلِقاءِ اللَّهِ ۖ حَتّىٰ إِذا جاءَتهُمُ السّاعَةُ بَغتَةً قالوا يٰحَسرَتَنا عَلىٰ ما فَرَّطنا فيها وَهُم يَحمِلونَ أَوزارَهُم عَلىٰ ظُهورِهِم ۚ أَلا ساءَ ما يَزِرونَ(31)
Those will have lost who deny the meeting with Allah, until when the Hour [of resurrection] comes upon them unexpectedly, they will say, "Oh, [how great is] our regret over what we neglected concerning it," while they bear their burdens on their backs. Unquestionably, evil is that which they bear.(31)
وَمَا الحَيوٰةُ الدُّنيا إِلّا لَعِبٌ وَلَهوٌ ۖ وَلَلدّارُ الءاخِرَةُ خَيرٌ لِلَّذينَ يَتَّقونَ ۗ أَفَلا تَعقِلونَ(32)
And the worldly life is not but amusement and diversion; but the home of the Hereafter is best for those who fear Allah, so will you not reason?(32)
قَد نَعلَمُ إِنَّهُ لَيَحزُنُكَ الَّذى يَقولونَ ۖ فَإِنَّهُم لا يُكَذِّبونَكَ وَلٰكِنَّ الظّٰلِمينَ بِـٔايٰتِ اللَّهِ يَجحَدونَ(33)
We know that you, [O Muhammad], are saddened by what they say. And indeed, they do not call you untruthful, but it is the verses of Allah that the wrongdoers reject.(33)
وَلَقَد كُذِّبَت رُسُلٌ مِن قَبلِكَ فَصَبَروا عَلىٰ ما كُذِّبوا وَأوذوا حَتّىٰ أَتىٰهُم نَصرُنا ۚ وَلا مُبَدِّلَ لِكَلِمٰتِ اللَّهِ ۚ وَلَقَد جاءَكَ مِن نَبَإِي۟ المُرسَلينَ(34)
And certainly were messengers denied before you, but they were patient over [the effects of] denial, and they were harmed until Our victory came to them. And none can alter the words of Allah. And there has certainly come to you some information about the [previous] messengers.(34)
وَإِن كانَ كَبُرَ عَلَيكَ إِعراضُهُم فَإِنِ استَطَعتَ أَن تَبتَغِىَ نَفَقًا فِى الأَرضِ أَو سُلَّمًا فِى السَّماءِ فَتَأتِيَهُم بِـٔايَةٍ ۚ وَلَو شاءَ اللَّهُ لَجَمَعَهُم عَلَى الهُدىٰ ۚ فَلا تَكونَنَّ مِنَ الجٰهِلينَ(35)
And if their evasion is difficult for you, then if you are able to seek a tunnel into the earth or a stairway into the sky to bring them a sign, [then do so]. But if Allah had willed, He would have united them upon guidance. So never be of the ignorant.(35)
۞ إِنَّما يَستَجيبُ الَّذينَ يَسمَعونَ ۘ وَالمَوتىٰ يَبعَثُهُمُ اللَّهُ ثُمَّ إِلَيهِ يُرجَعونَ(36)
Only those who hear will respond. But the dead - Allah will resurrect them; then to Him they will be returned.(36)
وَقالوا لَولا نُزِّلَ عَلَيهِ ءايَةٌ مِن رَبِّهِ ۚ قُل إِنَّ اللَّهَ قادِرٌ عَلىٰ أَن يُنَزِّلَ ءايَةً وَلٰكِنَّ أَكثَرَهُم لا يَعلَمونَ(37)
And they say, "Why has a sign not been sent down to him from his Lord?" Say, "Indeed, Allah is Able to send down a sign, but most of them do not know."(37)
وَما مِن دابَّةٍ فِى الأَرضِ وَلا طٰئِرٍ يَطيرُ بِجَناحَيهِ إِلّا أُمَمٌ أَمثالُكُم ۚ ما فَرَّطنا فِى الكِتٰبِ مِن شَيءٍ ۚ ثُمَّ إِلىٰ رَبِّهِم يُحشَرونَ(38)
And there is no creature on [or within] the earth or bird that flies with its wings except [that they are] communities like you. We have not neglected in the Register a thing. Then unto their Lord they will be gathered.(38)
وَالَّذينَ كَذَّبوا بِـٔايٰتِنا صُمٌّ وَبُكمٌ فِى الظُّلُمٰتِ ۗ مَن يَشَإِ اللَّهُ يُضلِلهُ وَمَن يَشَأ يَجعَلهُ عَلىٰ صِرٰطٍ مُستَقيمٍ(39)
But those who deny Our verses are deaf and dumb within darknesses. Whomever Allah wills - He leaves astray; and whomever He wills - He puts him on a straight path.(39)
قُل أَرَءَيتَكُم إِن أَتىٰكُم عَذابُ اللَّهِ أَو أَتَتكُمُ السّاعَةُ أَغَيرَ اللَّهِ تَدعونَ إِن كُنتُم صٰدِقينَ(40)
Say, "Have you considered: if there came to you the punishment of Allah or there came to you the Hour - is it other than Allah you would invoke, if you should be truthful?"(40)
بَل إِيّاهُ تَدعونَ فَيَكشِفُ ما تَدعونَ إِلَيهِ إِن شاءَ وَتَنسَونَ ما تُشرِكونَ(41)
No, it is Him [alone] you would invoke, and He would remove that for which you invoked Him if He willed, and you would forget what you associate [with Him].(41)
وَلَقَد أَرسَلنا إِلىٰ أُمَمٍ مِن قَبلِكَ فَأَخَذنٰهُم بِالبَأساءِ وَالضَّرّاءِ لَعَلَّهُم يَتَضَرَّعونَ(42)
And We have already sent [messengers] to nations before you, [O Muhammad]; then We seized them with poverty and hardship that perhaps they might humble themselves [to Us].(42)
فَلَولا إِذ جاءَهُم بَأسُنا تَضَرَّعوا وَلٰكِن قَسَت قُلوبُهُم وَزَيَّنَ لَهُمُ الشَّيطٰنُ ما كانوا يَعمَلونَ(43)
Then why, when Our punishment came to them, did they not humble themselves? But their hearts became hardened, and Satan made attractive to them that which they were doing.(43)
فَلَمّا نَسوا ما ذُكِّروا بِهِ فَتَحنا عَلَيهِم أَبوٰبَ كُلِّ شَيءٍ حَتّىٰ إِذا فَرِحوا بِما أوتوا أَخَذنٰهُم بَغتَةً فَإِذا هُم مُبلِسونَ(44)
So when they forgot that by which they had been reminded, We opened to them the doors of every [good] thing until, when they rejoiced in that which they were given, We seized them suddenly, and they were [then] in despair.(44)
فَقُطِعَ دابِرُ القَومِ الَّذينَ ظَلَموا ۚ وَالحَمدُ لِلَّهِ رَبِّ العٰلَمينَ(45)
So the people that committed wrong were eliminated. And praise to Allah, Lord of the worlds.(45)
قُل أَرَءَيتُم إِن أَخَذَ اللَّهُ سَمعَكُم وَأَبصٰرَكُم وَخَتَمَ عَلىٰ قُلوبِكُم مَن إِلٰهٌ غَيرُ اللَّهِ يَأتيكُم بِهِ ۗ انظُر كَيفَ نُصَرِّفُ الءايٰتِ ثُمَّ هُم يَصدِفونَ(46)
Say, "Have you considered: if Allah should take away your hearing and your sight and set a seal upon your hearts, which deity other than Allah could bring them [back] to you?" Look how we diversify the verses; then they [still] turn away.(46)
قُل أَرَءَيتَكُم إِن أَتىٰكُم عَذابُ اللَّهِ بَغتَةً أَو جَهرَةً هَل يُهلَكُ إِلَّا القَومُ الظّٰلِمونَ(47)
Say, "Have you considered: if the punishment of Allah should come to you unexpectedly or manifestly, will any be destroyed but the wrongdoing people?"(47)
وَما نُرسِلُ المُرسَلينَ إِلّا مُبَشِّرينَ وَمُنذِرينَ ۖ فَمَن ءامَنَ وَأَصلَحَ فَلا خَوفٌ عَلَيهِم وَلا هُم يَحزَنونَ(48)
And We send not the messengers except as bringers of good tidings and warners. So whoever believes and reforms - there will be no fear concerning them, nor will they grieve.(48)
وَالَّذينَ كَذَّبوا بِـٔايٰتِنا يَمَسُّهُمُ العَذابُ بِما كانوا يَفسُقونَ(49)
But those who deny Our verses - the punishment will touch them for their defiant disobedience.(49)
قُل لا أَقولُ لَكُم عِندى خَزائِنُ اللَّهِ وَلا أَعلَمُ الغَيبَ وَلا أَقولُ لَكُم إِنّى مَلَكٌ ۖ إِن أَتَّبِعُ إِلّا ما يوحىٰ إِلَىَّ ۚ قُل هَل يَستَوِى الأَعمىٰ وَالبَصيرُ ۚ أَفَلا تَتَفَكَّرونَ(50)
Say, [O Muhammad], "I do not tell you that I have the depositories [containing the provision] of Allah or that I know the unseen, nor do I tell you that I am an angel. I only follow what is revealed to me." Say, "Is the blind equivalent to the seeing? Then will you not give thought?"(50)
وَأَنذِر بِهِ الَّذينَ يَخافونَ أَن يُحشَروا إِلىٰ رَبِّهِم ۙ لَيسَ لَهُم مِن دونِهِ وَلِىٌّ وَلا شَفيعٌ لَعَلَّهُم يَتَّقونَ(51)
And warn by the Qur'an those who fear that they will be gathered before their Lord - for them besides Him will be no protector and no intercessor - that they might become righteous.(51)
وَلا تَطرُدِ الَّذينَ يَدعونَ رَبَّهُم بِالغَدوٰةِ وَالعَشِىِّ يُريدونَ وَجهَهُ ۖ ما عَلَيكَ مِن حِسابِهِم مِن شَيءٍ وَما مِن حِسابِكَ عَلَيهِم مِن شَيءٍ فَتَطرُدَهُم فَتَكونَ مِنَ الظّٰلِمينَ(52)
And do not send away those who call upon their Lord morning and afternoon, seeking His countenance. Not upon you is anything of their account and not upon them is anything of your account. So were you to send them away, you would [then] be of the wrongdoers.(52)
وَكَذٰلِكَ فَتَنّا بَعضَهُم بِبَعضٍ لِيَقولوا أَهٰؤُلاءِ مَنَّ اللَّهُ عَلَيهِم مِن بَينِنا ۗ أَلَيسَ اللَّهُ بِأَعلَمَ بِالشّٰكِرينَ(53)
And thus We have tried some of them through others that the disbelievers might say, "Is it these whom Allah has favored among us?" Is not Allah most knowing of those who are grateful?(53)
وَإِذا جاءَكَ الَّذينَ يُؤمِنونَ بِـٔايٰتِنا فَقُل سَلٰمٌ عَلَيكُم ۖ كَتَبَ رَبُّكُم عَلىٰ نَفسِهِ الرَّحمَةَ ۖ أَنَّهُ مَن عَمِلَ مِنكُم سوءًا بِجَهٰلَةٍ ثُمَّ تابَ مِن بَعدِهِ وَأَصلَحَ فَأَنَّهُ غَفورٌ رَحيمٌ(54)
And when those come to you who believe in Our verses, say, "Peace be upon you. Your Lord has decreed upon Himself mercy: that any of you who does wrong out of ignorance and then repents after that and corrects himself - indeed, He is Forgiving and Merciful."(54)
وَكَذٰلِكَ نُفَصِّلُ الءايٰتِ وَلِتَستَبينَ سَبيلُ المُجرِمينَ(55)
And thus do We detail the verses, and [thus] the way of the criminals will become evident.(55)
قُل إِنّى نُهيتُ أَن أَعبُدَ الَّذينَ تَدعونَ مِن دونِ اللَّهِ ۚ قُل لا أَتَّبِعُ أَهواءَكُم ۙ قَد ضَلَلتُ إِذًا وَما أَنا۠ مِنَ المُهتَدينَ(56)
Say, "Indeed, I have been forbidden to worship those you invoke besides Allah." Say, "I will not follow your desires, for I would then have gone astray, and I would not be of the [rightly] guided."(56)
قُل إِنّى عَلىٰ بَيِّنَةٍ مِن رَبّى وَكَذَّبتُم بِهِ ۚ ما عِندى ما تَستَعجِلونَ بِهِ ۚ إِنِ الحُكمُ إِلّا لِلَّهِ ۖ يَقُصُّ الحَقَّ ۖ وَهُوَ خَيرُ الفٰصِلينَ(57)
Say, "Indeed, I am on clear evidence from my Lord, and you have denied it. I do not have that for which you are impatient. The decision is only for Allah. He relates the truth, and He is the best of deciders."(57)
قُل لَو أَنَّ عِندى ما تَستَعجِلونَ بِهِ لَقُضِىَ الأَمرُ بَينى وَبَينَكُم ۗ وَاللَّهُ أَعلَمُ بِالظّٰلِمينَ(58)
Say, "If I had that for which you are impatient, the matter would have been decided between me and you, but Allah is most knowing of the wrongdoers."(58)
۞ وَعِندَهُ مَفاتِحُ الغَيبِ لا يَعلَمُها إِلّا هُوَ ۚ وَيَعلَمُ ما فِى البَرِّ وَالبَحرِ ۚ وَما تَسقُطُ مِن وَرَقَةٍ إِلّا يَعلَمُها وَلا حَبَّةٍ فى ظُلُمٰتِ الأَرضِ وَلا رَطبٍ وَلا يابِسٍ إِلّا فى كِتٰبٍ مُبينٍ(59)
And with Him are the keys of the unseen; none knows them except Him. And He knows what is on the land and in the sea. Not a leaf falls but that He knows it. And no grain is there within the darknesses of the earth and no moist or dry [thing] but that it is [written] in a clear record.(59)
وَهُوَ الَّذى يَتَوَفّىٰكُم بِالَّيلِ وَيَعلَمُ ما جَرَحتُم بِالنَّهارِ ثُمَّ يَبعَثُكُم فيهِ لِيُقضىٰ أَجَلٌ مُسَمًّى ۖ ثُمَّ إِلَيهِ مَرجِعُكُم ثُمَّ يُنَبِّئُكُم بِما كُنتُم تَعمَلونَ(60)
And it is He who takes your souls by night and knows what you have committed by day. Then He revives you therein that a specified term may be fulfilled. Then to Him will be your return; then He will inform you about what you used to do.(60)
وَهُوَ القاهِرُ فَوقَ عِبادِهِ ۖ وَيُرسِلُ عَلَيكُم حَفَظَةً حَتّىٰ إِذا جاءَ أَحَدَكُمُ المَوتُ تَوَفَّتهُ رُسُلُنا وَهُم لا يُفَرِّطونَ(61)
And He is the subjugator over His servants, and He sends over you guardian-angels until, when death comes to one of you, Our messengers take him, and they do not fail [in their duties].(61)
ثُمَّ رُدّوا إِلَى اللَّهِ مَولىٰهُمُ الحَقِّ ۚ أَلا لَهُ الحُكمُ وَهُوَ أَسرَعُ الحٰسِبينَ(62)
Then they His servants are returned to Allah, their true Lord. Unquestionably, His is the judgement, and He is the swiftest of accountants.(62)
قُل مَن يُنَجّيكُم مِن ظُلُمٰتِ البَرِّ وَالبَحرِ تَدعونَهُ تَضَرُّعًا وَخُفيَةً لَئِن أَنجىٰنا مِن هٰذِهِ لَنَكونَنَّ مِنَ الشّٰكِرينَ(63)
Say, "Who rescues you from the darknesses of the land and sea [when] you call upon Him imploring [aloud] and privately, 'If He should save us from this [crisis], we will surely be among the thankful.' "(63)
قُلِ اللَّهُ يُنَجّيكُم مِنها وَمِن كُلِّ كَربٍ ثُمَّ أَنتُم تُشرِكونَ(64)
Say, "It is Allah who saves you from it and from every distress; then you [still] associate others with Him."(64)
قُل هُوَ القادِرُ عَلىٰ أَن يَبعَثَ عَلَيكُم عَذابًا مِن فَوقِكُم أَو مِن تَحتِ أَرجُلِكُم أَو يَلبِسَكُم شِيَعًا وَيُذيقَ بَعضَكُم بَأسَ بَعضٍ ۗ انظُر كَيفَ نُصَرِّفُ الءايٰتِ لَعَلَّهُم يَفقَهونَ(65)
Say, "He is the [one] Able to send upon you affliction from above you or from beneath your feet or to confuse you [so you become] sects and make you taste the violence of one another." Look how We diversify the signs that they might understand.(65)
وَكَذَّبَ بِهِ قَومُكَ وَهُوَ الحَقُّ ۚ قُل لَستُ عَلَيكُم بِوَكيلٍ(66)
But your people have denied it while it is the truth. Say, "I am not over you a manager."(66)
لِكُلِّ نَبَإٍ مُستَقَرٌّ ۚ وَسَوفَ تَعلَمونَ(67)
For every happening is a finality; and you are going to know.(67)
وَإِذا رَأَيتَ الَّذينَ يَخوضونَ فى ءايٰتِنا فَأَعرِض عَنهُم حَتّىٰ يَخوضوا فى حَديثٍ غَيرِهِ ۚ وَإِمّا يُنسِيَنَّكَ الشَّيطٰنُ فَلا تَقعُد بَعدَ الذِّكرىٰ مَعَ القَومِ الظّٰلِمينَ(68)
And when you see those who engage in [offensive] discourse concerning Our verses, then turn away from them until they enter into another conversation. And if Satan should cause you to forget, then do not remain after the reminder with the wrongdoing people.(68)
وَما عَلَى الَّذينَ يَتَّقونَ مِن حِسابِهِم مِن شَيءٍ وَلٰكِن ذِكرىٰ لَعَلَّهُم يَتَّقونَ(69)
And those who fear Allah are not held accountable for the disbelievers at all, but [only for] a reminder - that perhaps they will fear Him.(69)
وَذَرِ الَّذينَ اتَّخَذوا دينَهُم لَعِبًا وَلَهوًا وَغَرَّتهُمُ الحَيوٰةُ الدُّنيا ۚ وَذَكِّر بِهِ أَن تُبسَلَ نَفسٌ بِما كَسَبَت لَيسَ لَها مِن دونِ اللَّهِ وَلِىٌّ وَلا شَفيعٌ وَإِن تَعدِل كُلَّ عَدلٍ لا يُؤخَذ مِنها ۗ أُولٰئِكَ الَّذينَ أُبسِلوا بِما كَسَبوا ۖ لَهُم شَرابٌ مِن حَميمٍ وَعَذابٌ أَليمٌ بِما كانوا يَكفُرونَ(70)
And leave those who take their religion as amusement and diversion and whom the worldly life has deluded. But remind with the Qur'an, lest a soul be given up to destruction for what it earned; it will have other than Allah no protector and no intercessor. And if it should offer every compensation, it would not be taken from it. Those are the ones who are given to destruction for what they have earned. For them will be a drink of scalding water and a painful punishment because they used to disbelieve.(70)
قُل أَنَدعوا مِن دونِ اللَّهِ ما لا يَنفَعُنا وَلا يَضُرُّنا وَنُرَدُّ عَلىٰ أَعقابِنا بَعدَ إِذ هَدىٰنَا اللَّهُ كَالَّذِى استَهوَتهُ الشَّيٰطينُ فِى الأَرضِ حَيرانَ لَهُ أَصحٰبٌ يَدعونَهُ إِلَى الهُدَى ائتِنا ۗ قُل إِنَّ هُدَى اللَّهِ هُوَ الهُدىٰ ۖ وَأُمِرنا لِنُسلِمَ لِرَبِّ العٰلَمينَ(71)
Say, "Shall we invoke instead of Allah that which neither benefits us nor harms us and be turned back on our heels after Allah has guided us? [We would then be] like one whom the devils enticed [to wander] upon the earth confused, [while] he has companions inviting him to guidance, [calling], 'Come to us.' " Say, "Indeed, the guidance of Allah is the [only] guidance; and we have been commanded to submit to the Lord of the worlds.(71)
وَأَن أَقيمُوا الصَّلوٰةَ وَاتَّقوهُ ۚ وَهُوَ الَّذى إِلَيهِ تُحشَرونَ(72)
And to establish prayer and fear Him." And it is He to whom you will be gathered.(72)
وَهُوَ الَّذى خَلَقَ السَّمٰوٰتِ وَالأَرضَ بِالحَقِّ ۖ وَيَومَ يَقولُ كُن فَيَكونُ ۚ قَولُهُ الحَقُّ ۚ وَلَهُ المُلكُ يَومَ يُنفَخُ فِى الصّورِ ۚ عٰلِمُ الغَيبِ وَالشَّهٰدَةِ ۚ وَهُوَ الحَكيمُ الخَبيرُ(73)
And it is He who created the heavens and earth in truth. And the day He says, "Be," and it is, His word is the truth. And His is the dominion [on] the Day the Horn is blown. [He is] Knower of the unseen and the witnessed; and He is the Wise, the Acquainted.(73)
۞ وَإِذ قالَ إِبرٰهيمُ لِأَبيهِ ءازَرَ أَتَتَّخِذُ أَصنامًا ءالِهَةً ۖ إِنّى أَرىٰكَ وَقَومَكَ فى ضَلٰلٍ مُبينٍ(74)
And [mention, O Muhammad], when Abraham said to his father Azar, "Do you take idols as deities? Indeed, I see you and your people to be in manifest error."(74)
وَكَذٰلِكَ نُرى إِبرٰهيمَ مَلَكوتَ السَّمٰوٰتِ وَالأَرضِ وَلِيَكونَ مِنَ الموقِنينَ(75)
And thus did We show Abraham the realm of the heavens and the earth that he would be among the certain [in faith](75)
فَلَمّا جَنَّ عَلَيهِ الَّيلُ رَءا كَوكَبًا ۖ قالَ هٰذا رَبّى ۖ فَلَمّا أَفَلَ قالَ لا أُحِبُّ الءافِلينَ(76)
So when the night covered him [with darkness], he saw a star. He said, "This is my lord." But when it set, he said, "I like not those that disappear."(76)
فَلَمّا رَءَا القَمَرَ بازِغًا قالَ هٰذا رَبّى ۖ فَلَمّا أَفَلَ قالَ لَئِن لَم يَهدِنى رَبّى لَأَكونَنَّ مِنَ القَومِ الضّالّينَ(77)
And when he saw the moon rising, he said, "This is my lord." But when it set, he said, "Unless my Lord guides me, I will surely be among the people gone astray."(77)
فَلَمّا رَءَا الشَّمسَ بازِغَةً قالَ هٰذا رَبّى هٰذا أَكبَرُ ۖ فَلَمّا أَفَلَت قالَ يٰقَومِ إِنّى بَريءٌ مِمّا تُشرِكونَ(78)
And when he saw the sun rising, he said, "This is my lord; this is greater." But when it set, he said, "O my people, indeed I am free from what you associate with Allah.(78)
إِنّى وَجَّهتُ وَجهِىَ لِلَّذى فَطَرَ السَّمٰوٰتِ وَالأَرضَ حَنيفًا ۖ وَما أَنا۠ مِنَ المُشرِكينَ(79)
Indeed, I have turned my face toward He who created the heavens and the earth, inclining toward truth, and I am not of those who associate others with Allah."(79)
وَحاجَّهُ قَومُهُ ۚ قالَ أَتُحٰجّونّى فِى اللَّهِ وَقَد هَدىٰنِ ۚ وَلا أَخافُ ما تُشرِكونَ بِهِ إِلّا أَن يَشاءَ رَبّى شَيـًٔا ۗ وَسِعَ رَبّى كُلَّ شَيءٍ عِلمًا ۗ أَفَلا تَتَذَكَّرونَ(80)
And his people argued with him. He said, "Do you argue with me concerning Allah while He has guided me? And I fear not what you associate with Him [and will not be harmed] unless my Lord should will something. My Lord encompasses all things in knowledge; then will you not remember?(80)
وَكَيفَ أَخافُ ما أَشرَكتُم وَلا تَخافونَ أَنَّكُم أَشرَكتُم بِاللَّهِ ما لَم يُنَزِّل بِهِ عَلَيكُم سُلطٰنًا ۚ فَأَىُّ الفَريقَينِ أَحَقُّ بِالأَمنِ ۖ إِن كُنتُم تَعلَمونَ(81)
And how should I fear what you associate while you do not fear that you have associated with Allah that for which He has not sent down to you any authority? So which of the two parties has more right to security, if you should know?(81)
الَّذينَ ءامَنوا وَلَم يَلبِسوا إيمٰنَهُم بِظُلمٍ أُولٰئِكَ لَهُمُ الأَمنُ وَهُم مُهتَدونَ(82)
They who believe and do not mix their belief with injustice - those will have security, and they are [rightly] guided.(82)
وَتِلكَ حُجَّتُنا ءاتَينٰها إِبرٰهيمَ عَلىٰ قَومِهِ ۚ نَرفَعُ دَرَجٰتٍ مَن نَشاءُ ۗ إِنَّ رَبَّكَ حَكيمٌ عَليمٌ(83)
And that was Our [conclusive] argument which We gave Abraham against his people. We raise by degrees whom We will. Indeed, your Lord is Wise and Knowing.(83)
وَوَهَبنا لَهُ إِسحٰقَ وَيَعقوبَ ۚ كُلًّا هَدَينا ۚ وَنوحًا هَدَينا مِن قَبلُ ۖ وَمِن ذُرِّيَّتِهِ داوۥدَ وَسُلَيمٰنَ وَأَيّوبَ وَيوسُفَ وَموسىٰ وَهٰرونَ ۚ وَكَذٰلِكَ نَجزِى المُحسِنينَ(84)
And We gave to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - all [of them] We guided. And Noah, We guided before; and among his descendants, David and Solomon and Job and Joseph and Moses and Aaron. Thus do We reward the doers of good.(84)
وَزَكَرِيّا وَيَحيىٰ وَعيسىٰ وَإِلياسَ ۖ كُلٌّ مِنَ الصّٰلِحينَ(85)
And Zechariah and John and Jesus and Elias - and all were of the righteous.(85)
وَإِسمٰعيلَ وَاليَسَعَ وَيونُسَ وَلوطًا ۚ وَكُلًّا فَضَّلنا عَلَى العٰلَمينَ(86)
And Ishmael and Elisha and Jonah and Lot - and all [of them] We preferred over the worlds.(86)
وَمِن ءابائِهِم وَذُرِّيّٰتِهِم وَإِخوٰنِهِم ۖ وَاجتَبَينٰهُم وَهَدَينٰهُم إِلىٰ صِرٰطٍ مُستَقيمٍ(87)
And [some] among their fathers and their descendants and their brothers - and We chose them and We guided them to a straight path.(87)
ذٰلِكَ هُدَى اللَّهِ يَهدى بِهِ مَن يَشاءُ مِن عِبادِهِ ۚ وَلَو أَشرَكوا لَحَبِطَ عَنهُم ما كانوا يَعمَلونَ(88)
That is the guidance of Allah by which He guides whomever He wills of His servants. But if they had associated others with Allah, then worthless for them would be whatever they were doing.(88)
أُولٰئِكَ الَّذينَ ءاتَينٰهُمُ الكِتٰبَ وَالحُكمَ وَالنُّبُوَّةَ ۚ فَإِن يَكفُر بِها هٰؤُلاءِ فَقَد وَكَّلنا بِها قَومًا لَيسوا بِها بِكٰفِرينَ(89)
Those are the ones to whom We gave the Scripture and authority and prophethood. But if the disbelievers deny it, then We have entrusted it to a people who are not therein disbelievers.(89)
أُولٰئِكَ الَّذينَ هَدَى اللَّهُ ۖ فَبِهُدىٰهُمُ اقتَدِه ۗ قُل لا أَسـَٔلُكُم عَلَيهِ أَجرًا ۖ إِن هُوَ إِلّا ذِكرىٰ لِلعٰلَمينَ(90)
Those are the ones whom Allah has guided, so from their guidance take an example. Say, "I ask of you for this message no payment. It is not but a reminder for the worlds."(90)
وَما قَدَرُوا اللَّهَ حَقَّ قَدرِهِ إِذ قالوا ما أَنزَلَ اللَّهُ عَلىٰ بَشَرٍ مِن شَيءٍ ۗ قُل مَن أَنزَلَ الكِتٰبَ الَّذى جاءَ بِهِ موسىٰ نورًا وَهُدًى لِلنّاسِ ۖ تَجعَلونَهُ قَراطيسَ تُبدونَها وَتُخفونَ كَثيرًا ۖ وَعُلِّمتُم ما لَم تَعلَموا أَنتُم وَلا ءاباؤُكُم ۖ قُلِ اللَّهُ ۖ ثُمَّ ذَرهُم فى خَوضِهِم يَلعَبونَ(91)
And they did not appraise Allah with true appraisal when they said, "Allah did not reveal to a human being anything." Say, "Who revealed the Scripture that Moses brought as light and guidance to the people? You [Jews] make it into pages, disclosing [some of] it and concealing much. And you were taught that which you knew not - neither you nor your fathers." Say, "Allah [revealed it]." Then leave them in their [empty] discourse, amusing themselves.(91)
وَهٰذا كِتٰبٌ أَنزَلنٰهُ مُبارَكٌ مُصَدِّقُ الَّذى بَينَ يَدَيهِ وَلِتُنذِرَ أُمَّ القُرىٰ وَمَن حَولَها ۚ وَالَّذينَ يُؤمِنونَ بِالءاخِرَةِ يُؤمِنونَ بِهِ ۖ وَهُم عَلىٰ صَلاتِهِم يُحافِظونَ(92)
And this is a Book which We have sent down, blessed and confirming what was before it, that you may warn the Mother of Cities and those around it. Those who believe in the Hereafter believe in it, and they are maintaining their prayers.(92)
وَمَن أَظلَمُ مِمَّنِ افتَرىٰ عَلَى اللَّهِ كَذِبًا أَو قالَ أوحِىَ إِلَىَّ وَلَم يوحَ إِلَيهِ شَيءٌ وَمَن قالَ سَأُنزِلُ مِثلَ ما أَنزَلَ اللَّهُ ۗ وَلَو تَرىٰ إِذِ الظّٰلِمونَ فى غَمَرٰتِ المَوتِ وَالمَلٰئِكَةُ باسِطوا أَيديهِم أَخرِجوا أَنفُسَكُمُ ۖ اليَومَ تُجزَونَ عَذابَ الهونِ بِما كُنتُم تَقولونَ عَلَى اللَّهِ غَيرَ الحَقِّ وَكُنتُم عَن ءايٰتِهِ تَستَكبِرونَ(93)
And who is more unjust than one who invents a lie about Allah or says, "It has been inspired to me," while nothing has been inspired to him, and one who says, "I will reveal [something] like what Allah revealed." And if you could but see when the wrongdoers are in the overwhelming pangs of death while the angels extend their hands, [saying], "Discharge your souls! Today you will be awarded the punishment of [extreme] humiliation for what you used to say against Allah other than the truth and [that] you were, toward His verses, being arrogant."(93)
وَلَقَد جِئتُمونا فُرٰدىٰ كَما خَلَقنٰكُم أَوَّلَ مَرَّةٍ وَتَرَكتُم ما خَوَّلنٰكُم وَراءَ ظُهورِكُم ۖ وَما نَرىٰ مَعَكُم شُفَعاءَكُمُ الَّذينَ زَعَمتُم أَنَّهُم فيكُم شُرَكٰؤُا۟ ۚ لَقَد تَقَطَّعَ بَينَكُم وَضَلَّ عَنكُم ما كُنتُم تَزعُمونَ(94)
[It will be said to them], "And you have certainly come to Us alone as We created you the first time, and you have left whatever We bestowed upon you behind you. And We do not see with you your 'intercessors' which you claimed that they were among you associates [of Allah]. It has [all] been severed between you, and lost from you is what you used to claim."(94)
۞ إِنَّ اللَّهَ فالِقُ الحَبِّ وَالنَّوىٰ ۖ يُخرِجُ الحَىَّ مِنَ المَيِّتِ وَمُخرِجُ المَيِّتِ مِنَ الحَىِّ ۚ ذٰلِكُمُ اللَّهُ ۖ فَأَنّىٰ تُؤفَكونَ(95)
Indeed, Allah is the cleaver of grain and date seeds. He brings the living out of the dead and brings the dead out of the living. That is Allah; so how are you deluded?(95)
فالِقُ الإِصباحِ وَجَعَلَ الَّيلَ سَكَنًا وَالشَّمسَ وَالقَمَرَ حُسبانًا ۚ ذٰلِكَ تَقديرُ العَزيزِ العَليمِ(96)
[He is] the cleaver of daybreak and has made the night for rest and the sun and moon for calculation. That is the determination of the Exalted in Might, the Knowing.(96)
وَهُوَ الَّذى جَعَلَ لَكُمُ النُّجومَ لِتَهتَدوا بِها فى ظُلُمٰتِ البَرِّ وَالبَحرِ ۗ قَد فَصَّلنَا الءايٰتِ لِقَومٍ يَعلَمونَ(97)
And it is He who placed for you the stars that you may be guided by them through the darknesses of the land and sea. We have detailed the signs for a people who know.(97)
وَهُوَ الَّذى أَنشَأَكُم مِن نَفسٍ وٰحِدَةٍ فَمُستَقَرٌّ وَمُستَودَعٌ ۗ قَد فَصَّلنَا الءايٰتِ لِقَومٍ يَفقَهونَ(98)
And it is He who produced you from one soul and [gave you] a place of dwelling and of storage. We have detailed the signs for a people who understand.(98)
وَهُوَ الَّذى أَنزَلَ مِنَ السَّماءِ ماءً فَأَخرَجنا بِهِ نَباتَ كُلِّ شَيءٍ فَأَخرَجنا مِنهُ خَضِرًا نُخرِجُ مِنهُ حَبًّا مُتَراكِبًا وَمِنَ النَّخلِ مِن طَلعِها قِنوانٌ دانِيَةٌ وَجَنّٰتٍ مِن أَعنابٍ وَالزَّيتونَ وَالرُّمّانَ مُشتَبِهًا وَغَيرَ مُتَشٰبِهٍ ۗ انظُروا إِلىٰ ثَمَرِهِ إِذا أَثمَرَ وَيَنعِهِ ۚ إِنَّ فى ذٰلِكُم لَءايٰتٍ لِقَومٍ يُؤمِنونَ(99)
And it is He who sends down rain from the sky, and We produce thereby the growth of all things. We produce from it greenery from which We produce grains arranged in layers. And from the palm trees - of its emerging fruit are clusters hanging low. And [We produce] gardens of grapevines and olives and pomegranates, similar yet varied. Look at [each of] its fruit when it yields and [at] its ripening. Indeed in that are signs for a people who believe.(99)
وَجَعَلوا لِلَّهِ شُرَكاءَ الجِنَّ وَخَلَقَهُم ۖ وَخَرَقوا لَهُ بَنينَ وَبَنٰتٍ بِغَيرِ عِلمٍ ۚ سُبحٰنَهُ وَتَعٰلىٰ عَمّا يَصِفونَ(100)
But they have attributed to Allah partners - the jinn, while He has created them - and have fabricated for Him sons and daughters. Exalted is He and high above what they describe(100)
بَديعُ السَّمٰوٰتِ وَالأَرضِ ۖ أَنّىٰ يَكونُ لَهُ وَلَدٌ وَلَم تَكُن لَهُ صٰحِبَةٌ ۖ وَخَلَقَ كُلَّ شَيءٍ ۖ وَهُوَ بِكُلِّ شَيءٍ عَليمٌ(101)
[He is] Originator of the heavens and the earth. How could He have a son when He does not have a companion and He created all things? And He is, of all things, Knowing.(101)
ذٰلِكُمُ اللَّهُ رَبُّكُم ۖ لا إِلٰهَ إِلّا هُوَ ۖ خٰلِقُ كُلِّ شَيءٍ فَاعبُدوهُ ۚ وَهُوَ عَلىٰ كُلِّ شَيءٍ وَكيلٌ(102)
That is Allah, your Lord; there is no deity except Him, the Creator of all things, so worship Him. And He is Disposer of all things.(102)
لا تُدرِكُهُ الأَبصٰرُ وَهُوَ يُدرِكُ الأَبصٰرَ ۖ وَهُوَ اللَّطيفُ الخَبيرُ(103)
Vision perceives Him not, but He perceives [all] vision; and He is the Subtle, the Acquainted.(103)
قَد جاءَكُم بَصائِرُ مِن رَبِّكُم ۖ فَمَن أَبصَرَ فَلِنَفسِهِ ۖ وَمَن عَمِىَ فَعَلَيها ۚ وَما أَنا۠ عَلَيكُم بِحَفيظٍ(104)
There has come to you enlightenment from your Lord. So whoever will see does so for [the benefit of] his soul, and whoever is blind [does harm] against it. And [say], "I am not a guardian over you."(104)
وَكَذٰلِكَ نُصَرِّفُ الءايٰتِ وَلِيَقولوا دَرَستَ وَلِنُبَيِّنَهُ لِقَومٍ يَعلَمونَ(105)
And thus do We diversify the verses so the disbelievers will say, "You have studied," and so We may make the Qur'an clear for a people who know.(105)
اتَّبِع ما أوحِىَ إِلَيكَ مِن رَبِّكَ ۖ لا إِلٰهَ إِلّا هُوَ ۖ وَأَعرِض عَنِ المُشرِكينَ(106)
Follow, [O Muhammad], what has been revealed to you from your Lord - there is no deity except Him - and turn away from those who associate others with Allah.(106)
وَلَو شاءَ اللَّهُ ما أَشرَكوا ۗ وَما جَعَلنٰكَ عَلَيهِم حَفيظًا ۖ وَما أَنتَ عَلَيهِم بِوَكيلٍ(107)
But if Allah had willed, they would not have associated. And We have not appointed you over them as a guardian, nor are you a manager over them.(107)
وَلا تَسُبُّوا الَّذينَ يَدعونَ مِن دونِ اللَّهِ فَيَسُبُّوا اللَّهَ عَدوًا بِغَيرِ عِلمٍ ۗ كَذٰلِكَ زَيَّنّا لِكُلِّ أُمَّةٍ عَمَلَهُم ثُمَّ إِلىٰ رَبِّهِم مَرجِعُهُم فَيُنَبِّئُهُم بِما كانوا يَعمَلونَ(108)
And do not insult those they invoke other than Allah, lest they insult Allah in enmity without knowledge. Thus We have made pleasing to every community their deeds. Then to their Lord is their return, and He will inform them about what they used to do.(108)
وَأَقسَموا بِاللَّهِ جَهدَ أَيمٰنِهِم لَئِن جاءَتهُم ءايَةٌ لَيُؤمِنُنَّ بِها ۚ قُل إِنَّمَا الءايٰتُ عِندَ اللَّهِ ۖ وَما يُشعِرُكُم أَنَّها إِذا جاءَت لا يُؤمِنونَ(109)
And they swear by Allah their strongest oaths that if a sign came to them, they would surely believe in it. Say, "The signs are only with Allah." And what will make you perceive that even if a sign came, they would not believe.(109)
وَنُقَلِّبُ أَفـِٔدَتَهُم وَأَبصٰرَهُم كَما لَم يُؤمِنوا بِهِ أَوَّلَ مَرَّةٍ وَنَذَرُهُم فى طُغيٰنِهِم يَعمَهونَ(110)
And We will turn away their hearts and their eyes just as they refused to believe in it the first time. And We will leave them in their transgression, wandering blindly.(110)
۞ وَلَو أَنَّنا نَزَّلنا إِلَيهِمُ المَلٰئِكَةَ وَكَلَّمَهُمُ المَوتىٰ وَحَشَرنا عَلَيهِم كُلَّ شَيءٍ قُبُلًا ما كانوا لِيُؤمِنوا إِلّا أَن يَشاءَ اللَّهُ وَلٰكِنَّ أَكثَرَهُم يَجهَلونَ(111)
And even if We had sent down to them the angels [with the message] and the dead spoke to them [of it] and We gathered together every [created] thing in front of them, they would not believe unless Allah should will. But most of them, [of that], are ignorant.(111)
وَكَذٰلِكَ جَعَلنا لِكُلِّ نَبِىٍّ عَدُوًّا شَيٰطينَ الإِنسِ وَالجِنِّ يوحى بَعضُهُم إِلىٰ بَعضٍ زُخرُفَ القَولِ غُرورًا ۚ وَلَو شاءَ رَبُّكَ ما فَعَلوهُ ۖ فَذَرهُم وَما يَفتَرونَ(112)
And thus We have made for every prophet an enemy - devils from mankind and jinn, inspiring to one another decorative speech in delusion. But if your Lord had willed, they would not have done it, so leave them and that which they invent.(112)
وَلِتَصغىٰ إِلَيهِ أَفـِٔدَةُ الَّذينَ لا يُؤمِنونَ بِالءاخِرَةِ وَلِيَرضَوهُ وَلِيَقتَرِفوا ما هُم مُقتَرِفونَ(113)
And [it is] so the hearts of those who disbelieve in the Hereafter will incline toward it and that they will be satisfied with it and that they will commit that which they are committing.(113)
أَفَغَيرَ اللَّهِ أَبتَغى حَكَمًا وَهُوَ الَّذى أَنزَلَ إِلَيكُمُ الكِتٰبَ مُفَصَّلًا ۚ وَالَّذينَ ءاتَينٰهُمُ الكِتٰبَ يَعلَمونَ أَنَّهُ مُنَزَّلٌ مِن رَبِّكَ بِالحَقِّ ۖ فَلا تَكونَنَّ مِنَ المُمتَرينَ(114)
[Say], "Then is it other than Allah I should seek as judge while it is He who has revealed to you the Book explained in detail?" And those to whom We [previously] gave the Scripture know that it is sent down from your Lord in truth, so never be among the doubters.(114)
وَتَمَّت كَلِمَتُ رَبِّكَ صِدقًا وَعَدلًا ۚ لا مُبَدِّلَ لِكَلِمٰتِهِ ۚ وَهُوَ السَّميعُ العَليمُ(115)
And the word of your Lord has been fulfilled in truth and in justice. None can alter His words, and He is the Hearing, the Knowing.(115)
وَإِن تُطِع أَكثَرَ مَن فِى الأَرضِ يُضِلّوكَ عَن سَبيلِ اللَّهِ ۚ إِن يَتَّبِعونَ إِلَّا الظَّنَّ وَإِن هُم إِلّا يَخرُصونَ(116)
And if you obey most of those upon the earth, they will mislead you from the way of Allah. They follow not except assumption, and they are not but falsifying.(116)
إِنَّ رَبَّكَ هُوَ أَعلَمُ مَن يَضِلُّ عَن سَبيلِهِ ۖ وَهُوَ أَعلَمُ بِالمُهتَدينَ(117)
Indeed, your Lord is most knowing of who strays from His way, and He is most knowing of the [rightly] guided.(117)
فَكُلوا مِمّا ذُكِرَ اسمُ اللَّهِ عَلَيهِ إِن كُنتُم بِـٔايٰتِهِ مُؤمِنينَ(118)
So eat of that [meat] upon which the name of Allah has been mentioned, if you are believers in His verses.(118)
وَما لَكُم أَلّا تَأكُلوا مِمّا ذُكِرَ اسمُ اللَّهِ عَلَيهِ وَقَد فَصَّلَ لَكُم ما حَرَّمَ عَلَيكُم إِلّا مَا اضطُرِرتُم إِلَيهِ ۗ وَإِنَّ كَثيرًا لَيُضِلّونَ بِأَهوائِهِم بِغَيرِ عِلمٍ ۗ إِنَّ رَبَّكَ هُوَ أَعلَمُ بِالمُعتَدينَ(119)
And why should you not eat of that upon which the name of Allah has been mentioned while He has explained in detail to you what He has forbidden you, excepting that to which you are compelled. And indeed do many lead [others] astray through their [own] inclinations without knowledge. Indeed, your Lord - He is most knowing of the transgressors.(119)
وَذَروا ظٰهِرَ الإِثمِ وَباطِنَهُ ۚ إِنَّ الَّذينَ يَكسِبونَ الإِثمَ سَيُجزَونَ بِما كانوا يَقتَرِفونَ(120)
And leave what is apparent of sin and what is concealed thereof. Indeed, those who earn [blame for] sin will be recompensed for that which they used to commit.(120)
وَلا تَأكُلوا مِمّا لَم يُذكَرِ اسمُ اللَّهِ عَلَيهِ وَإِنَّهُ لَفِسقٌ ۗ وَإِنَّ الشَّيٰطينَ لَيوحونَ إِلىٰ أَولِيائِهِم لِيُجٰدِلوكُم ۖ وَإِن أَطَعتُموهُم إِنَّكُم لَمُشرِكونَ(121)
And do not eat of that upon which the name of Allah has not been mentioned, for indeed, it is grave disobedience. And indeed do the devils inspire their allies [among men] to dispute with you. And if you were to obey them, indeed, you would be associators [of others with Him].(121)
أَوَمَن كانَ مَيتًا فَأَحيَينٰهُ وَجَعَلنا لَهُ نورًا يَمشى بِهِ فِى النّاسِ كَمَن مَثَلُهُ فِى الظُّلُمٰتِ لَيسَ بِخارِجٍ مِنها ۚ كَذٰلِكَ زُيِّنَ لِلكٰفِرينَ ما كانوا يَعمَلونَ(122)
And is one who was dead and We gave him life and made for him light by which to walk among the people like one who is in darkness, never to emerge therefrom? Thus it has been made pleasing to the disbelievers that which they were doing.(122)
وَكَذٰلِكَ جَعَلنا فى كُلِّ قَريَةٍ أَكٰبِرَ مُجرِميها لِيَمكُروا فيها ۖ وَما يَمكُرونَ إِلّا بِأَنفُسِهِم وَما يَشعُرونَ(123)
And thus We have placed within every city the greatest of its criminals to conspire therein. But they conspire not except against themselves, and they perceive [it] not.(123)
وَإِذا جاءَتهُم ءايَةٌ قالوا لَن نُؤمِنَ حَتّىٰ نُؤتىٰ مِثلَ ما أوتِىَ رُسُلُ اللَّهِ ۘ اللَّهُ أَعلَمُ حَيثُ يَجعَلُ رِسالَتَهُ ۗ سَيُصيبُ الَّذينَ أَجرَموا صَغارٌ عِندَ اللَّهِ وَعَذابٌ شَديدٌ بِما كانوا يَمكُرونَ(124)
And when a sign comes to them, they say, "Never will we believe until we are given like that which was given to the messengers of Allah." Allah is most knowing of where He places His message. There will afflict those who committed crimes debasement before Allah and severe punishment for what they used to conspire.(124)
فَمَن يُرِدِ اللَّهُ أَن يَهدِيَهُ يَشرَح صَدرَهُ لِلإِسلٰمِ ۖ وَمَن يُرِد أَن يُضِلَّهُ يَجعَل صَدرَهُ ضَيِّقًا حَرَجًا كَأَنَّما يَصَّعَّدُ فِى السَّماءِ ۚ كَذٰلِكَ يَجعَلُ اللَّهُ الرِّجسَ عَلَى الَّذينَ لا يُؤمِنونَ(125)
So whoever Allah wants to guide - He expands his breast to [contain] Islam; and whoever He wants to misguide - He makes his breast tight and constricted as though he were climbing into the sky. Thus does Allah place defilement upon those who do not believe.(125)
وَهٰذا صِرٰطُ رَبِّكَ مُستَقيمًا ۗ قَد فَصَّلنَا الءايٰتِ لِقَومٍ يَذَّكَّرونَ(126)
And this is the path of your Lord, [leading] straight. We have detailed the verses for a people who remember.(126)
۞ لَهُم دارُ السَّلٰمِ عِندَ رَبِّهِم ۖ وَهُوَ وَلِيُّهُم بِما كانوا يَعمَلونَ(127)
For them will be the Home of Peace with their Lord. And He will be their protecting friend because of what they used to do.(127)
وَيَومَ يَحشُرُهُم جَميعًا يٰمَعشَرَ الجِنِّ قَدِ استَكثَرتُم مِنَ الإِنسِ ۖ وَقالَ أَولِياؤُهُم مِنَ الإِنسِ رَبَّنَا استَمتَعَ بَعضُنا بِبَعضٍ وَبَلَغنا أَجَلَنَا الَّذى أَجَّلتَ لَنا ۚ قالَ النّارُ مَثوىٰكُم خٰلِدينَ فيها إِلّا ما شاءَ اللَّهُ ۗ إِنَّ رَبَّكَ حَكيمٌ عَليمٌ(128)
And [mention, O Muhammad], the Day when He will gather them together [and say], "O company of jinn, you have [misled] many of mankind." And their allies among mankind will say, "Our Lord, some of us made use of others, and we have [now] reached our term, which you appointed for us." He will say, "The Fire is your residence, wherein you will abide eternally, except for what Allah wills. Indeed, your Lord is Wise and Knowing."(128)
وَكَذٰلِكَ نُوَلّى بَعضَ الظّٰلِمينَ بَعضًا بِما كانوا يَكسِبونَ(129)
And thus will We make some of the wrongdoers allies of others for what they used to earn.(129)
يٰمَعشَرَ الجِنِّ وَالإِنسِ أَلَم يَأتِكُم رُسُلٌ مِنكُم يَقُصّونَ عَلَيكُم ءايٰتى وَيُنذِرونَكُم لِقاءَ يَومِكُم هٰذا ۚ قالوا شَهِدنا عَلىٰ أَنفُسِنا ۖ وَغَرَّتهُمُ الحَيوٰةُ الدُّنيا وَشَهِدوا عَلىٰ أَنفُسِهِم أَنَّهُم كانوا كٰفِرينَ(130)
"O company of jinn and mankind, did there not come to you messengers from among you, relating to you My verses and warning you of the meeting of this Day of yours?" They will say, "We bear witness against ourselves"; and the worldly life had deluded them, and they will bear witness against themselves that they were disbelievers.(130)
ذٰلِكَ أَن لَم يَكُن رَبُّكَ مُهلِكَ القُرىٰ بِظُلمٍ وَأَهلُها غٰفِلونَ(131)
That is because your Lord would not destroy the cities for wrongdoing while their people were unaware.(131)
وَلِكُلٍّ دَرَجٰتٌ مِمّا عَمِلوا ۚ وَما رَبُّكَ بِغٰفِلٍ عَمّا يَعمَلونَ(132)
And for all are degrees from what they have done. And your Lord is not unaware of what they do.(132)
وَرَبُّكَ الغَنِىُّ ذُو الرَّحمَةِ ۚ إِن يَشَأ يُذهِبكُم وَيَستَخلِف مِن بَعدِكُم ما يَشاءُ كَما أَنشَأَكُم مِن ذُرِّيَّةِ قَومٍ ءاخَرينَ(133)
And your Lord is the Free of need, the possessor of mercy. If He wills, he can do away with you and give succession after you to whomever He wills, just as He produced you from the descendants of another people.(133)
إِنَّ ما توعَدونَ لَءاتٍ ۖ وَما أَنتُم بِمُعجِزينَ(134)
Indeed, what you are promised is coming, and you will not cause failure [to Allah].(134)
قُل يٰقَومِ اعمَلوا عَلىٰ مَكانَتِكُم إِنّى عامِلٌ ۖ فَسَوفَ تَعلَمونَ مَن تَكونُ لَهُ عٰقِبَةُ الدّارِ ۗ إِنَّهُ لا يُفلِحُ الظّٰلِمونَ(135)
Say, "O my people, work according to your position; [for] indeed, I am working. And you are going to know who will have succession in the home. Indeed, the wrongdoers will not succeed.(135)
وَجَعَلوا لِلَّهِ مِمّا ذَرَأَ مِنَ الحَرثِ وَالأَنعٰمِ نَصيبًا فَقالوا هٰذا لِلَّهِ بِزَعمِهِم وَهٰذا لِشُرَكائِنا ۖ فَما كانَ لِشُرَكائِهِم فَلا يَصِلُ إِلَى اللَّهِ ۖ وَما كانَ لِلَّهِ فَهُوَ يَصِلُ إِلىٰ شُرَكائِهِم ۗ ساءَ ما يَحكُمونَ(136)
And the polytheists assign to Allah from that which He created of crops and livestock a share and say, "This is for Allah," by their claim, "and this is for our partners [associated with Him]." But what is for their "partners" does not reach Allah, while what is for Allah - this reaches their "partners." Evil is that which they rule.(136)
وَكَذٰلِكَ زَيَّنَ لِكَثيرٍ مِنَ المُشرِكينَ قَتلَ أَولٰدِهِم شُرَكاؤُهُم لِيُردوهُم وَلِيَلبِسوا عَلَيهِم دينَهُم ۖ وَلَو شاءَ اللَّهُ ما فَعَلوهُ ۖ فَذَرهُم وَما يَفتَرونَ(137)
And likewise, to many of the polytheists their partners have made [to seem] pleasing the killing of their children in order to bring about their destruction and to cover them with confusion in their religion. And if Allah had willed, they would not have done so. So leave them and that which they invent.(137)
وَقالوا هٰذِهِ أَنعٰمٌ وَحَرثٌ حِجرٌ لا يَطعَمُها إِلّا مَن نَشاءُ بِزَعمِهِم وَأَنعٰمٌ حُرِّمَت ظُهورُها وَأَنعٰمٌ لا يَذكُرونَ اسمَ اللَّهِ عَلَيهَا افتِراءً عَلَيهِ ۚ سَيَجزيهِم بِما كانوا يَفتَرونَ(138)
And they say, "These animals and crops are forbidden; no one may eat from them except whom we will," by their claim. And there are those [camels] whose backs are forbidden [by them] and those upon which the name of Allah is not mentioned - [all of this] an invention of untruth about Him. He will punish them for what they were inventing.(138)
وَقالوا ما فى بُطونِ هٰذِهِ الأَنعٰمِ خالِصَةٌ لِذُكورِنا وَمُحَرَّمٌ عَلىٰ أَزوٰجِنا ۖ وَإِن يَكُن مَيتَةً فَهُم فيهِ شُرَكاءُ ۚ سَيَجزيهِم وَصفَهُم ۚ إِنَّهُ حَكيمٌ عَليمٌ(139)
And they say, "What is in the bellies of these animals is exclusively for our males and forbidden to our females. But if it is [born] dead, then all of them have shares therein." He will punish them for their description. Indeed, He is Wise and Knowing.(139)
قَد خَسِرَ الَّذينَ قَتَلوا أَولٰدَهُم سَفَهًا بِغَيرِ عِلمٍ وَحَرَّموا ما رَزَقَهُمُ اللَّهُ افتِراءً عَلَى اللَّهِ ۚ قَد ضَلّوا وَما كانوا مُهتَدينَ(140)
Those will have lost who killed their children in foolishness without knowledge and prohibited what Allah had provided for them, inventing untruth about Allah. They have gone astray and were not [rightly] guided.(140)
۞ وَهُوَ الَّذى أَنشَأَ جَنّٰتٍ مَعروشٰتٍ وَغَيرَ مَعروشٰتٍ وَالنَّخلَ وَالزَّرعَ مُختَلِفًا أُكُلُهُ وَالزَّيتونَ وَالرُّمّانَ مُتَشٰبِهًا وَغَيرَ مُتَشٰبِهٍ ۚ كُلوا مِن ثَمَرِهِ إِذا أَثمَرَ وَءاتوا حَقَّهُ يَومَ حَصادِهِ ۖ وَلا تُسرِفوا ۚ إِنَّهُ لا يُحِبُّ المُسرِفينَ(141)
And He it is who causes gardens to grow, [both] trellised and untrellised, and palm trees and crops of different [kinds of] food and olives and pomegranates, similar and dissimilar. Eat of [each of] its fruit when it yields and give its due [zakah] on the day of its harvest. And be not excessive. Indeed, He does not like those who commit excess.(141)
وَمِنَ الأَنعٰمِ حَمولَةً وَفَرشًا ۚ كُلوا مِمّا رَزَقَكُمُ اللَّهُ وَلا تَتَّبِعوا خُطُوٰتِ الشَّيطٰنِ ۚ إِنَّهُ لَكُم عَدُوٌّ مُبينٌ(142)
And of the grazing livestock are carriers [of burdens] and those [too] small. Eat of what Allah has provided for you and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy.(142)
ثَمٰنِيَةَ أَزوٰجٍ ۖ مِنَ الضَّأنِ اثنَينِ وَمِنَ المَعزِ اثنَينِ ۗ قُل ءالذَّكَرَينِ حَرَّمَ أَمِ الأُنثَيَينِ أَمَّا اشتَمَلَت عَلَيهِ أَرحامُ الأُنثَيَينِ ۖ نَبِّـٔونى بِعِلمٍ إِن كُنتُم صٰدِقينَ(143)
[They are] eight mates - of the sheep, two and of the goats, two. Say, "Is it the two males He has forbidden or the two females or that which the wombs of the two females contain? Inform me with knowledge, if you should be truthful."(143)
وَمِنَ الإِبِلِ اثنَينِ وَمِنَ البَقَرِ اثنَينِ ۗ قُل ءالذَّكَرَينِ حَرَّمَ أَمِ الأُنثَيَينِ أَمَّا اشتَمَلَت عَلَيهِ أَرحامُ الأُنثَيَينِ ۖ أَم كُنتُم شُهَداءَ إِذ وَصّىٰكُمُ اللَّهُ بِهٰذا ۚ فَمَن أَظلَمُ مِمَّنِ افتَرىٰ عَلَى اللَّهِ كَذِبًا لِيُضِلَّ النّاسَ بِغَيرِ عِلمٍ ۗ إِنَّ اللَّهَ لا يَهدِى القَومَ الظّٰلِمينَ(144)
And of the camels, two and of the cattle, two. Say, "Is it the two males He has forbidden or the two females or that which the wombs of the two females contain? Or were you witnesses when Allah charged you with this? Then who is more unjust than one who invents a lie about Allah to mislead the people by [something] other than knowledge? Indeed, Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people."(144)
قُل لا أَجِدُ فى ما أوحِىَ إِلَىَّ مُحَرَّمًا عَلىٰ طاعِمٍ يَطعَمُهُ إِلّا أَن يَكونَ مَيتَةً أَو دَمًا مَسفوحًا أَو لَحمَ خِنزيرٍ فَإِنَّهُ رِجسٌ أَو فِسقًا أُهِلَّ لِغَيرِ اللَّهِ بِهِ ۚ فَمَنِ اضطُرَّ غَيرَ باغٍ وَلا عادٍ فَإِنَّ رَبَّكَ غَفورٌ رَحيمٌ(145)
Say, "I do not find within that which was revealed to me [anything] forbidden to one who would eat it unless it be a dead animal or blood spilled out or the flesh of swine - for indeed, it is impure - or it be [that slaughtered in] disobedience, dedicated to other than Allah. But whoever is forced [by necessity], neither desiring [it] nor transgressing [its limit], then indeed, your Lord is Forgiving and Merciful."(145)
وَعَلَى الَّذينَ هادوا حَرَّمنا كُلَّ ذى ظُفُرٍ ۖ وَمِنَ البَقَرِ وَالغَنَمِ حَرَّمنا عَلَيهِم شُحومَهُما إِلّا ما حَمَلَت ظُهورُهُما أَوِ الحَوايا أَو مَا اختَلَطَ بِعَظمٍ ۚ ذٰلِكَ جَزَينٰهُم بِبَغيِهِم ۖ وَإِنّا لَصٰدِقونَ(146)
And to those who are Jews We prohibited every animal of uncloven hoof; and of the cattle and the sheep We prohibited to them their fat, except what adheres to their backs or the entrails or what is joined with bone. [By] that We repaid them for their injustice. And indeed, We are truthful.(146)
فَإِن كَذَّبوكَ فَقُل رَبُّكُم ذو رَحمَةٍ وٰسِعَةٍ وَلا يُرَدُّ بَأسُهُ عَنِ القَومِ المُجرِمينَ(147)
So if they deny you, [O Muhammad], say, "Your Lord is the possessor of vast mercy; but His punishment cannot be repelled from the people who are criminals."(147)
سَيَقولُ الَّذينَ أَشرَكوا لَو شاءَ اللَّهُ ما أَشرَكنا وَلا ءاباؤُنا وَلا حَرَّمنا مِن شَيءٍ ۚ كَذٰلِكَ كَذَّبَ الَّذينَ مِن قَبلِهِم حَتّىٰ ذاقوا بَأسَنا ۗ قُل هَل عِندَكُم مِن عِلمٍ فَتُخرِجوهُ لَنا ۖ إِن تَتَّبِعونَ إِلَّا الظَّنَّ وَإِن أَنتُم إِلّا تَخرُصونَ(148)
Those who associated with Allah will say, "If Allah had willed, we would not have associated [anything] and neither would our fathers, nor would we have prohibited anything." Likewise did those before deny until they tasted Our punishment. Say, "Do you have any knowledge that you can produce for us? You follow not except assumption, and you are not but falsifying."(148)
قُل فَلِلَّهِ الحُجَّةُ البٰلِغَةُ ۖ فَلَو شاءَ لَهَدىٰكُم أَجمَعينَ(149)
Say, "With Allah is the far-reaching argument. If He had willed, He would have guided you all."(149)
قُل هَلُمَّ شُهَداءَكُمُ الَّذينَ يَشهَدونَ أَنَّ اللَّهَ حَرَّمَ هٰذا ۖ فَإِن شَهِدوا فَلا تَشهَد مَعَهُم ۚ وَلا تَتَّبِع أَهواءَ الَّذينَ كَذَّبوا بِـٔايٰتِنا وَالَّذينَ لا يُؤمِنونَ بِالءاخِرَةِ وَهُم بِرَبِّهِم يَعدِلونَ(150)
Say, [O Muhammad], "Bring forward your witnesses who will testify that Allah has prohibited this." And if they testify, do not testify with them. And do not follow the desires of those who deny Our verses and those who do not believe in the Hereafter, while they equate [others] with their Lord.(150)
۞ قُل تَعالَوا أَتلُ ما حَرَّمَ رَبُّكُم عَلَيكُم ۖ أَلّا تُشرِكوا بِهِ شَيـًٔا ۖ وَبِالوٰلِدَينِ إِحسٰنًا ۖ وَلا تَقتُلوا أَولٰدَكُم مِن إِملٰقٍ ۖ نَحنُ نَرزُقُكُم وَإِيّاهُم ۖ وَلا تَقرَبُوا الفَوٰحِشَ ما ظَهَرَ مِنها وَما بَطَنَ ۖ وَلا تَقتُلُوا النَّفسَ الَّتى حَرَّمَ اللَّهُ إِلّا بِالحَقِّ ۚ ذٰلِكُم وَصّىٰكُم بِهِ لَعَلَّكُم تَعقِلونَ(151)
Say, "Come, I will recite what your Lord has prohibited to you. [He commands] that you not associate anything with Him, and to parents, good treatment, and do not kill your children out of poverty; We will provide for you and them. And do not approach immoralities - what is apparent of them and what is concealed. And do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden [to be killed] except by [legal] right. This has He instructed you that you may use reason."(151)
وَلا تَقرَبوا مالَ اليَتيمِ إِلّا بِالَّتى هِىَ أَحسَنُ حَتّىٰ يَبلُغَ أَشُدَّهُ ۖ وَأَوفُوا الكَيلَ وَالميزانَ بِالقِسطِ ۖ لا نُكَلِّفُ نَفسًا إِلّا وُسعَها ۖ وَإِذا قُلتُم فَاعدِلوا وَلَو كانَ ذا قُربىٰ ۖ وَبِعَهدِ اللَّهِ أَوفوا ۚ ذٰلِكُم وَصّىٰكُم بِهِ لَعَلَّكُم تَذَكَّرونَ(152)
And do not approach the orphan's property except in a way that is best until he reaches maturity. And give full measure and weight in justice. We do not charge any soul except [with that within] its capacity. And when you testify, be just, even if [it concerns] a near relative. And the covenant of Allah fulfill. This has He instructed you that you may remember.(152)
وَأَنَّ هٰذا صِرٰطى مُستَقيمًا فَاتَّبِعوهُ ۖ وَلا تَتَّبِعُوا السُّبُلَ فَتَفَرَّقَ بِكُم عَن سَبيلِهِ ۚ ذٰلِكُم وَصّىٰكُم بِهِ لَعَلَّكُم تَتَّقونَ(153)
And, [moreover], this is My path, which is straight, so follow it; and do not follow [other] ways, for you will be separated from His way. This has He instructed you that you may become righteous.(153)
ثُمَّ ءاتَينا موسَى الكِتٰبَ تَمامًا عَلَى الَّذى أَحسَنَ وَتَفصيلًا لِكُلِّ شَيءٍ وَهُدًى وَرَحمَةً لَعَلَّهُم بِلِقاءِ رَبِّهِم يُؤمِنونَ(154)
Then We gave Moses the Scripture, making complete [Our favor] upon the one who did good and as a detailed explanation of all things and as guidance and mercy that perhaps in [the matter of] the meeting with their Lord they would believe.(154)
وَهٰذا كِتٰبٌ أَنزَلنٰهُ مُبارَكٌ فَاتَّبِعوهُ وَاتَّقوا لَعَلَّكُم تُرحَمونَ(155)
And this [Qur'an] is a Book We have revealed [which is] blessed, so follow it and fear Allah that you may receive mercy.(155)
أَن تَقولوا إِنَّما أُنزِلَ الكِتٰبُ عَلىٰ طائِفَتَينِ مِن قَبلِنا وَإِن كُنّا عَن دِراسَتِهِم لَغٰفِلينَ(156)
[We revealed it] lest you say, "The Scripture was only sent down to two groups before us, but we were of their study unaware,"(156)
أَو تَقولوا لَو أَنّا أُنزِلَ عَلَينَا الكِتٰبُ لَكُنّا أَهدىٰ مِنهُم ۚ فَقَد جاءَكُم بَيِّنَةٌ مِن رَبِّكُم وَهُدًى وَرَحمَةٌ ۚ فَمَن أَظلَمُ مِمَّن كَذَّبَ بِـٔايٰتِ اللَّهِ وَصَدَفَ عَنها ۗ سَنَجزِى الَّذينَ يَصدِفونَ عَن ءايٰتِنا سوءَ العَذابِ بِما كانوا يَصدِفونَ(157)
Or lest you say, "If only the Scripture had been revealed to us, we would have been better guided than they." So there has [now] come to you a clear evidence from your Lord and a guidance and mercy. Then who is more unjust than one who denies the verses of Allah and turns away from them? We will recompense those who turn away from Our verses with the worst of punishment for their having turned away.(157)
هَل يَنظُرونَ إِلّا أَن تَأتِيَهُمُ المَلٰئِكَةُ أَو يَأتِىَ رَبُّكَ أَو يَأتِىَ بَعضُ ءايٰتِ رَبِّكَ ۗ يَومَ يَأتى بَعضُ ءايٰتِ رَبِّكَ لا يَنفَعُ نَفسًا إيمٰنُها لَم تَكُن ءامَنَت مِن قَبلُ أَو كَسَبَت فى إيمٰنِها خَيرًا ۗ قُلِ انتَظِروا إِنّا مُنتَظِرونَ(158)
Do they [then] wait for anything except that the angels should come to them or your Lord should come or that there come some of the signs of your Lord? The Day that some of the signs of your Lord will come no soul will benefit from its faith as long as it had not believed before or had earned through its faith some good. Say, "Wait. Indeed, we [also] are waiting."(158)
إِنَّ الَّذينَ فَرَّقوا دينَهُم وَكانوا شِيَعًا لَستَ مِنهُم فى شَيءٍ ۚ إِنَّما أَمرُهُم إِلَى اللَّهِ ثُمَّ يُنَبِّئُهُم بِما كانوا يَفعَلونَ(159)
Indeed, those who have divided their religion and become sects - you, [O Muhammad], are not [associated] with them in anything. Their affair is only [left] to Allah; then He will inform them about what they used to do.(159)
مَن جاءَ بِالحَسَنَةِ فَلَهُ عَشرُ أَمثالِها ۖ وَمَن جاءَ بِالسَّيِّئَةِ فَلا يُجزىٰ إِلّا مِثلَها وَهُم لا يُظلَمونَ(160)
Whoever comes [on the Day of Judgement] with a good deed will have ten times the like thereof [to his credit], and whoever comes with an evil deed will not be recompensed except the like thereof; and they will not be wronged.(160)
قُل إِنَّنى هَدىٰنى رَبّى إِلىٰ صِرٰطٍ مُستَقيمٍ دينًا قِيَمًا مِلَّةَ إِبرٰهيمَ حَنيفًا ۚ وَما كانَ مِنَ المُشرِكينَ(161)
Say, "Indeed, my Lord has guided me to a straight path - a correct religion - the way of Abraham, inclining toward truth. And he was not among those who associated others with Allah."(161)
قُل إِنَّ صَلاتى وَنُسُكى وَمَحياىَ وَمَماتى لِلَّهِ رَبِّ العٰلَمينَ(162)
Say, "Indeed, my prayer, my rites of sacrifice, my living and my dying are for Allah, Lord of the worlds.(162)
لا شَريكَ لَهُ ۖ وَبِذٰلِكَ أُمِرتُ وَأَنا۠ أَوَّلُ المُسلِمينَ(163)
No partner has He. And this I have been commanded, and I am the first [among you] of the Muslims."(163)
قُل أَغَيرَ اللَّهِ أَبغى رَبًّا وَهُوَ رَبُّ كُلِّ شَيءٍ ۚ وَلا تَكسِبُ كُلُّ نَفسٍ إِلّا عَلَيها ۚ وَلا تَزِرُ وازِرَةٌ وِزرَ أُخرىٰ ۚ ثُمَّ إِلىٰ رَبِّكُم مَرجِعُكُم فَيُنَبِّئُكُم بِما كُنتُم فيهِ تَختَلِفونَ(164)
Say, "Is it other than Allah I should desire as a lord while He is the Lord of all things? And every soul earns not [blame] except against itself, and no bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another. Then to your Lord is your return, and He will inform you concerning that over which you used to differ."(164)
وَهُوَ الَّذى جَعَلَكُم خَلٰئِفَ الأَرضِ وَرَفَعَ بَعضَكُم فَوقَ بَعضٍ دَرَجٰتٍ لِيَبلُوَكُم فى ما ءاتىٰكُم ۗ إِنَّ رَبَّكَ سَريعُ العِقابِ وَإِنَّهُ لَغَفورٌ رَحيمٌ(165)
And it is He who has made you successors upon the earth and has raised some of you above others in degrees [of rank] that He may try you through what He has given you. Indeed, your Lord is swift in penalty; but indeed, He is Forgiving and Merciful.(165)