Al-Balad( البلد)
Original,King Fahad Quran Complex(الأصلي,مجمع الملك فهد القرآن)
Muhammad Sarwar(Muhammad Sarwar)
بِسمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحمٰنِ الرَّحيمِ لا أُقسِمُ بِهٰذَا البَلَدِ(1)
I do not (need to) swear by this town (Mecca)(1)
وَأَنتَ حِلٌّ بِهٰذَا البَلَدِ(2)
in which you are now living(2)
وَوالِدٍ وَما وَلَدَ(3)
or by the great father and his wonderful son (Abraham and Ishmael)(3)
لَقَد خَلَقنَا الإِنسٰنَ فى كَبَدٍ(4)
that We have created the human being to face a great deal of hardship.(4)
أَيَحسَبُ أَن لَن يَقدِرَ عَلَيهِ أَحَدٌ(5)
Does He think that no one will ever have control over him?(5)
يَقولُ أَهلَكتُ مالًا لُبَدًا(6)
(He boasts and shows off) saying, "I have spent a great deal of money (for the cause of God)".(6)
أَيَحسَبُ أَن لَم يَرَهُ أَحَدٌ(7)
Does he think that no one has seen him?(7)
أَلَم نَجعَل لَهُ عَينَينِ(8)
Have We not given him two eyes,(8)
وَلِسانًا وَشَفَتَينِ(9)
a tongue, and two lips?(9)
وَهَدَينٰهُ النَّجدَينِ(10)
Have We not shown him the ways of good and evil?(10)
فَلَا اقتَحَمَ العَقَبَةَ(11)
Yet, he has not entered into Aqaba(11)
وَما أَدرىٰكَ مَا العَقَبَةُ(12)
Would that you knew what Aqaba is!(12)
فَكُّ رَقَبَةٍ(13)
It is the setting free of a slave(13)
أَو إِطعٰمٌ فى يَومٍ ذى مَسغَبَةٍ(14)
or, in a day of famine, the feeding of(14)
يَتيمًا ذا مَقرَبَةٍ(15)
an orphaned relative(15)
أَو مِسكينًا ذا مَترَبَةٍ(16)
and downtrodden destitute person, (so that he would be of)(16)
ثُمَّ كانَ مِنَ الَّذينَ ءامَنوا وَتَواصَوا بِالصَّبرِ وَتَواصَوا بِالمَرحَمَةِ(17)
the believers who cooperate with others in patience (steadfastness) and kindness.(17)
أُولٰئِكَ أَصحٰبُ المَيمَنَةِ(18)
These are the people of the right hand.(18)
وَالَّذينَ كَفَروا بِـٔايٰتِنا هُم أَصحٰبُ المَشـَٔمَةِ(19)
As for those who disbelieve in Our revelations, they are the people of the left(19)
عَلَيهِم نارٌ مُؤصَدَةٌ(20)
who will be engulfed in the fire.(20)