Welcome to download the Holy Qur'an Gadget is for understand the Holy Qur'an on daily basis with native translations with original Arabic with recitation. You can select the month from which you want to start with your desired language and will get daily some collection of Ayats in order. You can move next and move back for it. An option for Ayats of week is also there in which you will enable to see some message conveying Ayats per weeks with his native translation.

Click Here to download the latest Holy Qur'an Gadget for Windows Vista & 7

Unzip this file. You will get three items.

  1. IslamComplex.gadget (Folder)
  2. me_quran_volt_mark2.ttf
  3. readme.doc

Copy below string and open this path in your local computer.
%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets

 You won’t able to see AppData folder if it’s set as hidden. To unhide, under your profile folder window look for the tools option in top navigation - then click on folder options – then on view tab – here click on Show hidden files and folders radio button – then applyok.

Copy the IslamComplex.gadget (Folder) to above path.
NOTE: If you don’t have me_quran font. Then right click on font “me_quran_volt_mark2.ttf” in same directory and install. This font will make Arabic text view very beautiful. Font is from http://arabicfonts.wikispaces.com/. You can check for latest version of font from here.

Rigth click in your Desktop, click Gadgets and double click on "Understand the Holy Qur'an 1.0".

Please give me your feedback at info@islamcomplex.com.